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The Conjuring 2 (2016)

In 1976 at Amityville, Ed and Lorraine are invited by church to check haunted house. They start the process, the house is belong to Ronney who kill everyone in house brutally.

After the procedure, Lorraine heard some voice upstairs. She following it and see Ronney shoot his entire family. Then she notices one of them, she following him to basement and found big mirror. She see the ghosts there try to attack her, then she see Ed is killed. Ed wakes her up.

In 1977, Janet and Keith are close friend. Janet’s family has a financial problem, but they still OK.

One night Janet make the ouija’s board with Keith and bring home. Janet plays it with her sister, but they thought that it’s not real. That night there is something strange happen, Janet found herself downstairs.

Next night, Janet wake up during the night and talk to someone. But her sister, Billy see no body but herself. Janet’s brother wake up during night and see someone play his toy. Her mother also found her downstairs alone, she seems to be sick.

Next day Janet stay home alone, her TV switch itself while she is watching it. She feels that there is someone with her in house.

That night, Janet tie herself so she won’t move, but she wake up because she drop on the floor. She wake up and see the ghost again, it scares her. She tells her sister but she doesn’t believe, then her bed is shaken up-down.

They tell her mother but she won’t believe then she see their cupboard move across the room. They run out the house to get some help.

After polices come to check, they don’t find anything. Then they heard the noise on the ceiling, they think it’s a mouse. Then all of them see the chair moving by itself. They all get out of the house.

Lorraine and Judy see nun ghost in their house, Lorraine  following her to Ed’s room. She is locked in room with it, when she ask what she wants. She points to Ed.

One day a man from TV shows up to Janet’s mother, he wants her to give him story so he can help her. She agreed, after that her story are on news.

One day while they record the show, the man from show try to communicate with someone. Janet speaks to them with man’s voice, she tells them she is old man name Bill.

One night while they stay in neighbor, Billy heard the bell ring. He though that it’s a dog, but when he wakes up and see crooked man. He following him to them and they see Janet, she make the object flying across the room before Janet pass out.

One day father from church asks Ed and Lorraine to check Janet’s case, Lorraine tells Ed about her vision. She doesn’t want them to go but he insist.

They go to see Janet’s house, Lorraine talks to Janet. They try to contact Bill though Janet to prove the church that she didn’t hoax it.

Then they talk to Bill, Ed try to make him stop. Ed uses cross to cast it out, that night they stay on Janet’s house.

Janet wakes up and see herself on the ceiling, then she found herself in the room with Bill. Ed and Lorraine rush to help her, but they didn’t see anything except what Janet’s mother say.

Ed and Lorraine decides to help Janet’s family. They need the prove for church, they install video and sound equipment to get evidence.

That night while Ed try to fix thing in basement, Janet’s mother spot someone behind Ed. She try to warn him but Bill attack her instead.

Then they heard the scream of the children, they rush to see them. They see one of the boy hiding while Janet’s missing.

They found her in the closet, Ed use his cross to get Bill out. But one of consultant proves to them that Janet fake it. They think that Janet’s mother also help them, she upset and tells them to leave.

Ed and Lorraine accidentally found something, they think someone hold Bill in house. Lorraine see vision about Bill, she try to ask him how to help Janet. She see the nun ghost try to stop Bill. They rush back to Janet’s house.

They found that Janet is locked in house, Ed and Lorraine try to get in house. Ed is injured during get in the house, his eye is barely to see. He try to find Janet.

Lorraine notices that she knows the demon’s name, Valak. Lorraine following Ed into the house, Ed found Janet while she is jumping down from the house.

Lorraine try to help but she is blocked by Valak, she cast it back to hell. She help them on time before they fell down.