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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 18

Worlds Finest

Winn takes Siobhan to checked at DEO, they want to know what is her. But she is not from Fortress. They check and found nothing about her.

Siobhan gets headache, she unconscious and she walked to the Cat. But she found Kara, she screams to her and make her fell down.

Flash shows up and rescue her, after that he found that she is supergirl. He tells her that he comes from another universe.

They tell this to Winn and James also, they are helping him to get him back. After they shows up at Cat, she names him The blur instead of The Flash.

Siobhan goes back to see her aunt, she tells her that she is Banshee. She knows that she has to kill Kara to be normal, Siobhan goes to DEO and get Livewire out.

Kara warns Cat about her and ask her to leave but she won’t, she goes to ask Flash to help her stop Livewire and Siobhan.

Barry found Livewire, supergirl and The Flash rush there at their warehouse. But both of them are knocked down by them. They barely escape out.

Siobhan and Livewire show up at Cat, Winn try to convinces Siobhan. But she won’t, Barry makes her the earplug that can stop Banshee. Livewire tells them to meet them at park.

But they are knock down, then people shows up and help them. Fireman push water into Livewire and knock both of them down.

Kara helps The Flash to get him home but combine their speed. At night Non activated myriad.