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Grimm Season 5 Episode 16

The Believer

Nick also found out about Rachel, he tells them that Eve got assassin. He tells them Rachel is black claw, and Sean’s campaign.

Eve shows up and want them to help about Sean’s whereabouts so she can disguise as him.

At night one of preacher Dwight woge to wesen, then he turn back to human to make people believes in him. But one of people takes the record, while he gets out he is chased by guards. He accidentally killed one of them. He goes back to give the evidence to his people.

Nick and them come to check at preacher, but they found nothing wrong they are going to see him next show.

After that man is arrested by Nick, they found few coins in him. The witness points to him, they check about Joan his leader and McCullough.

They found Dwight’s recording, Wu found that Joan and Dwight were marriage. Nick and them go to see his show.

They go to confront Dwight, he confesses that he tricked people. After that he is captured by one of his men. He is taken to Joan. they try to tortured him to get devil out but he is berserk and start attack them. Nick and Hank try to help him but too late, he is killed.

Eve disguise as Sean and go to see Rachel, they are make love. He disappoints her, she tells him they will try again.

Monrole’s scientist enhanced their stick’s cover, they found about it. It seem dangerous.