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Stitchers Season 2 Episode 3

The One That Got Away

Fisher goes to see his captain, Mulaney but he dead in his room, while at night Theo. Camille’s brother shows up.

Next day Kirsten stitches into her, they are looking how she is killed. She found about Ripper case that she works on it. She thinks that Mulaney is killed by Ripper killer.

Fisher tells them about first suspect, Joe. He and them go to check on him. As soon he see them, he run. After Cameron gets him, he tells them that he didn’t kill her.

Fish goes to see Danny the other cop that Mulaney suspect, but he tells them he is not. They found the profiler, he tells them about his suspect. At night Camille found that people that Theo owed the money comes to see him, she is very upset.

Next day Kirsten stitches in Mulaney again, she found that Joe stole the pill from crime scene. Fisher and Powell was there also with first victim.

They question Joe again, he confess that he took it for selling but he can’t, he tells them about Dr. Kukra. First victim also his patient.

Kirsten and Fisher go to see him, they found his body in his archives. Cameron found something and go to see the profiler, Blake. he tells him that what he did is wrong. He invites him to his place, Powell also there and heard about them.

Kirsten and Fisher found that Blake is the ripper, after they found from Powell that Blake go with Cameron. They rush back to them.

Cameron found that Blake is the ripper, he is going to kill him. He tells him that all victim are his patient, he did to save the other people. He tells him that Mulaney keep digging, so he has no choice.