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Gotham Season 2 Episode 17

Into the Woods

Bruce and Cat are chased down by the one who they rob it from. They safety escaped from him.

Barn tells Bullock that he knows that he knows about Jim, but he tells he’s not. Bullock heads back to Jim to find out who framed him.

They think the killer might be one of the cop, Jim thinks that they might have record the record of tipster.

After Oswald’s father dead, he is kicked out from house. But his step mother thinks that he should be closer so he can make less trouble.

Jim takes the record and go to see Ngyma for help, Ngyma tells him that he also kill a lot of people. After he fixed the tape, he found that Ngyma is the killer. But he knocks him down.

While he drags him out, Jim wakes up but he is shot by Ngyma. But he escapes, he found about Kringle. Jim escapes and goes to Cat.

Prof. Strange releases Barbara out, Jim tells them about Nygma framed him. They plan to make Nygma talk, next day Cat goes to see Barnes. She tells them about body buries. Nygma is there and start to panic.

Nygma rush to dig Kringle’s body away before Jim found her, then Jim shows up. He asks him why he become the killer.

He confesses everything he did, Barnes and his men surround him and get him. Oswald confronts Grace, he tells her that he knows that she killed his father. He killed her children and her.

Barnes try to give Jim’s job back. He tells him that he wants to solve Wayne’s case first. He tells him to see Lee before he gives him files.

Alfred tells Bruces that his father’s computer is fixed, but he tells him that he can’t have it and Cat both, it’s dangerous. He tells her that he won’t go back with her. She is very upset.