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Stitchers Season 2 Episode 2

Hack Me If You Can

A man while walking on street, he gets hit by the car. Maggie tells them about Blair, Tuner’s boss. He will come to see them.

They are looking about the dead man, he is hacker defend, Derek. He is hit by car, they think he is murdered.  They are going to stitches him to see why he is killed.

In Stiches, Kirsten heard Derek argue with someone, she threaten to kill him. Then she found that he is try to blackmail CEO’s company for money.

She found that he is killed by his insulin pump, Maggie tells them to go to check with this CEO.

Blair shows up to Maggie and promote her as director of Stitchers, but he didn’t tell her anything.

Camille traces the cellphone that hack Derek’s phone and found the address, Kirsten and Cameron go to see him. But they found hacker. She tells them that she alone do this, she dare them to find her. She tells them her name is Ellie.

After that Ellie hack to Cameron’s credit card, try to kill Linus and make Kirsten arrest by police. They stitches in Derek’s memory and found Ellie, she was Derek’s wife. He cheats on her, she upsets and plan to kill her husband.

They trace her record and found her place, they rush to see her. They found her, she really has accident. She hack from her bed.