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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 13

Morning Star

Alec and Magnus found Lydia unconscious, she tells them it’s Hodge. They are looking for him, after knows that he get the cup.

They found that he contacted Valentine, they are looking for him before he hand cup to Valentine.

Hodge is taken to pier, after that he use the cup and give his people the drink from cup. He becomes Shadowhunter. He tells his men to get Jace and Clary.

Luke and his wolves also looking for Hodge, Isabelle and Clary go to see Camille but Raphel doesn’t agreed to let them see her.

Jace found Hodge, he tells him that Valentine already has a cup. He is upset and fight with him, Jace cut his hand off. Before he killed him, Luke stop him.

Jace contacts Valentine, he wants to meet him. While Isabelle and Simon try to trick Raphael and get to Camille. She tells them it’s at her apartment.

They success to get her out from Raphael, she tells them she need something from Magnus. After that Clary found that Jace goes to see Valentine.

Jace try to find him but he won’t meet him, he tells him that he knows about his friends. Jace try warn them but too late.

Camille and them are at her apartment, but she tells them to looking for it because she doesn’t know about the book. Jace try to warn them about Valentine, but she won’t.

Clary and Simon found the book, but Valentine shows up. Jace shows up and help them, Jace agreed to go with him if he won’t hurt them.

Magnus used the book and wake Jocelyn up. They are very happy, at night Valentine introduces his army Jace and army of shadowshunter.