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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 12


After they get Jocelyn’s body back, they try to break spell. Alec shows up to thanks Claire for the cup that save Isabelle.

Alec goes to see Magnus for spell how to wake Jocelyn, then Hodge tells them that it might be Ragnor.

Jace and Claire go to see Ragnor with Magnus, but after they see his wall. Claire get lost with other. She see his house and goes to see him.

She found him, he tells her that he gave Jocelyn’s potion as she wants. He tells them that he can wakes her up with the book of the white.

Before he gives them more clue, he is attacked by demon and get killed. Magnus tells them to leave, he will sent back thing they need later.

Jace suspects that Lydia might be a mole, Clairy volunteers to check on her. But she found that she is not.

Isabelle throw bachelor’s party for Alec, she gets the advise from Simon. But then he found Jace there, they start to talk and get back together.

On the wedding day, before Alec and Lydia finish their wedding. Magnus shows up, Alec decides to cancel the wedding.

Magnus shows them items from Ragnor, they found one of item might track back to the book of white. He found that book is belong to Camille.

At night Lydia is beaten and someone take the mortal cup, Hodge contacts Valentine and tell him about the cup. He wants him to break his curse.