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The Flash Season 2 Episode 16


Barry are working on increase his speed, so next time he goes to earth-2. He can beats Zoom. But he failed, Cisco suggests that they should rest and go to club.

Jesse also goes out with them, she found something in Harrison’s watch. Iris and Wally also join them.

Then at night some girl with power like flash shows up, she rob a lot people around. Barry try to catch them but he lost her.

The publisher calls The Flash a thief, Iris tried to defend him but no one listen to her. Caitlin tells them there is other way to get faster, she shows them velociity-9.

After they detect the bad Flash, Barry goes out but he is knocked down by her. He found that she is a woman.

Caitlin tells them about Eliza, while she made velocity-9 she get helps from her. But she didn’t gives her all formula. Caitlin and Joe go to see Eliza about it. But she tells them she has no idea.

At night Eliza’s double identity tells her to use Velocity-9, her double identity tells her that she will get it more.

At night Eliza shows up at STAR lab and locked Barry in cell, she hostages them. She wants Caitlin to handle her, she hostages Jessee and knock down Joe. Harrison tells her they will make for her.

But after done, she tested it on Jessee and leave, Jessee is shocked but she safe later by transfer her good blood.

Caitlin tells them that she put micro tracker on it, they found Eliza is on the bridge and try to destroy it. She destroyed the bridge, Barry already take people out safety. He try to jump to catch her, he knocks her down.

He tried to convince her to stand down and ┬ánot take more V9, but she doesn’t listen. She takes it and run out, she turn to blue before she disappear.