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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 21

Twist and Shout

Linda shows up to see Walter, she wants to date with him again. He is agreed to see her again.

Cabe shows up with John, he tells them about his work. He is looking for US navy that didn’t back home yet. He wants them to help him find the missing. They found the part of body’s in ground, but locality wants to built the building on it. They have only 2 days to find them before they built.

He wants them to speed up his equipment to fasten the process, next day they head to Vietnam.

But when they arrive storm coming, Sylvester tells them the storm is going bigger they need to do work faster and get out there.

Then their chip is damage, they go to get the chip from clinic near by. But they found the patient there, they need their help too. They decide to help them to the safer place.

They get the chip and go to scan the construction’s site to find the remain, they found the prove that there is remain there. But storm changed to tornado and head to them.

But Sylvester tells them that tornado is heading to them and they can’t escape on time. Walter tells them to stop tornado but make air cooler.

They use CO2 from construction’s site and setup the ice to cooler the path of tornado. They success to turn off tornado and safety back home.