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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 16

Safe House

housewife is fixing her wall, her daughter scream out loud. She rush to see her, she tells her about bad thing in house. After she left, her daughter is dragged out.

Sam and Dean go to check her daughter at hospital, after talk to her mother. They go check at her house, her neighbor tells them about elder agents who here before. They think they are Rufus and Bobby.

After check around, they found that they were in house to get rid of the ghost. They found they didn’t find┬áthe bones.

After that housewife also attacked, Dean and Sam meet her neighbor again. She tells them about Bobby and Rufus, after that they go to see the previous’s victim.

Then they go to check the house, Sam found something behind the wall paper. They think it’s seal but it’s broken.

After check they found what they hunt is soul eater, they found that they trap it before. Sam found that Men of letter found the way to kill it.

While Sam is painting the seal, Dean goes out to lure it. It shows up and take him in, he found housewife daughter. While Sam is finishing the seal, Soul eater uses Dean’s body and attack Sam.

Sam knocks him down and finish the seal, Dean wakes up and found all soul leaving. After that he also wake up in his body. housewife and her daughter wake up safety.