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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 16

Our Decay

In past Dorothy shows up to Zelena, she and her friend rescue scarecrow out safety. Zelena is so upset.

Hades wants Rumple to open portal for him to storybrooke, while Zelena is at Storybrooke looking for her baby.

While Hades and Rumple open portal to get Zelena’s baby, Zelena and Belle try to fight over her baby. But they fell down to the portal.

They found out that they are in underworld, Zelena thinks they are here because of her baby. In past Hades wants to work with Zelena for time travel spell, but she won’t help. He tells her that he has cursed and he wants true love to remove his curse. He wants the spell to travel back to conquer Olympus.

Zelena shows up at door of Snow’s apartment, she tells them about her baby is in danger. Robin and Regina go out to find her.

Belle found Rumple at underworld’s library, he tells her about his deal long times ago. He also tells her about he become dark one again. He tells her he will fix everything.

Robin and them found Belle and baby, but after feed her. Zelena sneaks her out, she is sorry while she found out that she accidentally hurts her baby.

After they found her, Zelena tells them about Hades wants her baby as ingredient to cast time travel’s spell. She gives her baby back.

In past Hades and Zelena fell in love together, but she doesn’t want it. Now Hades found Zelena, he tells her that he stills love her. He did everything for her, Zelena fells to him. He tells her that they will get her baby back from them.