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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 17


People stills afraid at supergirl, Siobhan tells Winn that she is rejected by all media. She tells him that she hates Kara. He try to gives support her.

Lane and Harper shows up at DEO, they want to have internal investigation. They think that DEO might compromise the DEO. They are questioning Hank about it.

10 years ago, Hank brief his team about alien’s hideout. He tells them that he wants to take it down, but Danvers is not agreed with him.

They go there to hunt the alien in wood, while looking for him. Danvers almost attacked by big snake but J’onn shows up and help him.

Danvers tell J’onn about Kara, he tells him that he will try to help him stay here. But Hank shows up and shoot him, he try to stop him. They fight together, Danvers is stabbed by Hank. But he throws Hank off the cliff.

After that he disguise as Hank and run DEO, Harper tells him that Hank is his best friend. He takes him locked again.

They question Alex as next one, she tells them 3 years ago Hank saves her life. She was in mess when he recruit her.

But Lane thinks that Alex is lied, she also captured, they send them to project Cadmus. James tells Kara that Cadmus is place that will dissect alien to weaponize alien power.

Kara and James go to see Lane, she tells her that she is supergirl. She try to convinces Lane to help them.

At night they come after them, they knock down the truck. Hank and Alex escape out, he uses his power to make him forget but he tells Alex that he see her father in Cadmus.

Alex and Hank will be on run, they will get her father out. Kara and Lucy after back to DEO, they found that Hank make Harper to give control of DEO to Lucy.

Winn and Siobhan accidentally found out that she is has power.