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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 15

The Brothers Jones

Henry agreed to work with Cruella to bring back her life, he spots his pen in wood. He found Sorcerer’s apprentice, he tells him not to give life to Cruella back.

He tells him that he can help him if there is a key, it’s at sheriff. Hook found his brother, Liam. They ask him how to defeat Hades, he tells them about book that can. They think it’s a storybook, they start to looking about it.

Henry shows up and found them looking for book, he tells them about the key at sheriff. Swan and David go to see sheriff.

Hades shows up to Liam, he wants him to destroy the storybook exchange for not tell Hook the real reason that he stills here.

After Emma gets the key, they get in the Sorcerer’s house. They separate to looking for storybook, while Henry is look out for his pen.

Liam found the storybook, he removed the page about Hades. After that they found the few pages are missing, Regina and Emma think that Liam might hide something. But Hook doesn’t believe that.

In past, Liam met Hades for long time. He tells him that he wants to exchange what he wants with soul of crew.

Emma found that Liam destroys the pages, but Hook doesn’t believes her. He tells her that after get out from this he will not be with her. She upsets and leave, Hook found prove that Liam did take the page.

Crew of Silver’s ship shows up, they tell him that Liam did something to them and send them here in underworld. One of them tells him that he saw Liam and Hades has agreement to destroy the pages.

They takes them to the cliff’s hell. but Hades shows up and knock them down. Liam tells him he won’t allow him to kill him. He push Liam out of cliff, but Hook try to rescue him but he won’t allow. He fells down and goes in peace.

Hook tells him to takes the rest the other crew with him, but he will stay to fight Hades with Emma. Henry found his pen but he decides not tell anyone, after he talked with David. He decides to tell everyone about it, he decides to use his pen to rewrite Hades’s story.