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Stitchers Season 2 Episode 1


They try to revive Cameron, but before they thinks they lost him. He is back to live, they send him to hospital.

Cameron asks Kirsten what she saw in his mind, Camille and Linus talk about what happen to Kirsten.

Maggie goes to ask Leslie about Clark, she asks if he killed him. She asks him why she can’t tell them the truth that this program is to develop human’s brain.

Fisher tells them that Leslie ask him to stop looking for Clark’s death, she goes to see him at apartment and found he’s dead.

Kirsten is going to get in Leslie’s memory, she found that his memory is frag. She gets nothing and get out. They decide to go to his apartment to help her stich.

They found his panic room, his computer is trashed. But they found that his computer is supposed to destroy. Camille gives them address that belong to computer’s company.

Kirsten and Cameron go to check inside, they found something there. But guards show up and captured them.

Kirsten gets in his mind again, she sees about project grasshopper that failed. She saw that Maggie kill Leslie. The NSA’s guards want to arrest Maggie for that, after they fix his memory Kirsten thinks that Maggie didn’t kill him.

Kirsten remember something from Leslie’s memory, they go to floor and found body there. They show Magge what they found, they found Clark’s body.

She tells them she will stitch to him, she saws someone shoot him. But she doesn’t see his face, but she thinks it might same on that kill Leslie.