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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 20

Seoul Man

A man after he setup the fire in room, destroy all evidence before he leaves from Seoul to LA.

Hetty and Granger assign Callen’s team to PSO, for all Asia represents. While they protect high level navy, there is protester. Deek and Kensi found one of them Ahn, he is South Korean Agent.

He tells them about North korean’s plan about double agent, but after that Hetty tells them that they are there to get North Korea’s mole out.

Sam injects himself in South Korean staff, he convinces them to listen to him for their boss’s protection.

Nell tells them that they found that North Korean might plan something, at night Korean’s commander take his men to the club.

But Deek and Kensi found that one of commander’s men Kang get hand of his gun and heading out. But they lost him outside.

They question Dawn, the woman meet with Kang. She tells them about their secret meeting, he tells her that he worked for secret mission. But they think he has plan on her.

Next day they following Kang, but instead he turn himself in. He tells them about his secret work. He tells them he wants to defect because of Dawn.

They are moving them to safe place, but they are attacked by North korean’s agents. But Kensi and Deeks shows up on time.