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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 11

Blood Calls to Blood

Jace doesn’t believe that his father still alive, after found that he is poisoned. He try to convince him that he is his father.

After that they head to Luke for help. Jace’s condition is worst. They ask help from Raphael, At institute, one from Clave shows up and asks Lydia about her plan with marriage. She tells her that it must not interfere with Isabelle’s trial.

Jace’s father tells them about what he heard from there, he tells them about Renwick’s place.

Alec goes to Magnus to be Isabell’s lawyer, in exchange he wants his bow and quiver. He’s agreed.

Luke and Clary go to check Renwick, they spot something inside the building. Magnus is represent Isabell on trial, he tells them that what they want is cup.

Jace, his father, Luke and Clary go to Renwick again to get Jocelyn. She found her, she try to wake her but Jace and his father shows up, they left Luke out while demons are after them. Jace tells her to get Jocelyn wake up.

At trial Lydia decides to withdraw the case, but Inquistor won’t agree she tells them that if they won’t give her the cup, Isabelle will be exile.

Jace and Clary found that Jace’s father is Valentine disguise. Before left he tells them that Jace is his son. They are upset, he left.

They takes Jocelyn back to institute, Clary give the Clave the cup. Alec still upset to Jace, he tells Isabelle that Clave get the cup now she is freed.

Luke tells Simon about Jace and Clary are brother-sister. He is very happy.