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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 20

Djibouti Call

Today Cabe introduce them new intern, Tim. they brief them mission to install device to protect military base.

Next day they go there and install device, Brian notices something about Tim. He thinks that he was here in this base before. Walter try to check who is Tim. While Tim and Cabe goes out together.

Cabe and Tim sneak in the house with arm men, they are looking for the box. After they scan it, they left and will back again. But Cabe are made before he escape, Cabe is captured by them. But Tim escape.

Tim back and found Brian and them snoops around his record, he tells them about Cabe captured. He tells them that they try to stop the terrorist.

They found that Cabe still alive, Tim tells them about mission to discredit them. They will build them same bowl and switch with them and help cabe out.

Tim and Paige disguise as buyer to distract them, Walter and Toby will try to get Cabe out. Happy and Sylvester get in to switch bowl,

But after they get bowl out, they are made. The real buyers shows up, they try to kill them but they escape. On the way out Paige is hit, they are chase by them.

They managed to get out safety, their plan also work.