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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 10


Lucifer and Chloe check out the body, he is poisoned. She thinks that he might done by his employee. They tells them that he is their pops.

But they all angry with him, still they love him. One of them is his son, he was the last one that eaten with victim.

Chloe asks his 2nd, she is the one who prepared him the meal. But during question her, she is also poisoned.

Dan shows up and tell them about Naomi, she showed up and has argue with the victims. They go to see her, they found that victim’s son and Naomi are together. She tells them that pops never approved about their relations. They think that his son might kill him.

Trixie sneaks up and goes out to see Lucifer, but instead she found Maze. They talk a lot and get their relation start.

At night Lucifer takes victim’s son to cook for Chloe, she is worried that he is poisoned. After talk to him, they think that he is innocent.

After that they found Anne poisoned herself to make her release from case, they go to confront her. But she trapped them in fire, she burned down the restaurant.

Lucifer gets her out safety, she also get evidence against her out. Victim’s son shows up and fell sorry about lost.

Dan goes to confront Malcom, he wants to stop him from kill Lucifer after he knows that he plans to kill him. Then they have fight, Malcome knocks him down.