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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 14

Devil’s Due

Hades wants Hook to choose some of Emma’s to be here instead of one they release, he won’t.

Rumple tells Emma that they will need to borrow soul there and pass in to Hell. He goes to see his old wife, he tells her about Hook.

They go together to hell, Milah decides to go with them. After they stop at the pier, they decides to stay on boat. Emma goes in alone to help Hook.

Hades shows up to make a deal with Rumple, after Regina found out about her lover’s grave. She and Snow go to check his grave and found that he already moved on.

After Emma and Hook get out, Rumple tells them that Hades kill Milah and destroy their boat.

Regina tells them about plan to heart split, but they found it’s not work. They found that hades just make the tomb of Regina, Snow and Emma. That’s why they can’t split her heart.

But when Rumple goes to get boat from Hades, but he found that he tricked him. He found that he has contact that can get his child from him, now he wants him to work for him.