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iZombie Season 2 Episode 16

Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

Rita goes back to Liz’s room, she is looking for brain. But she is kidnapped by a man. Liz didn’t notice them, while Major and Ravi help Payton move back to Liz.

Payton gets call from Cassidy, she wants to testify her lover Nick because he cheated on her. But before finish she is hit.

Payton comes to ask Liz about Cassidy, she wants to know what Cassidy knows about Boss. She try to trigger her vision but after hard try she saw the stash house but don’t see the address. Then one of her friend tells them about Cassidy’s regular, but after question him seem he is not.

Detective Vega shows up and ask Liv about Drake, Clive tells her about Nick. They go to ask Cassidy’s friend about Nick, But then Liv found the witness. But he doesn’t remember much.

At night Clive and Liv following one of woman that might be Nick’s lover, they found him but they think that he is not killer.

Ravi and Liv found that Blaine losts memory after he takes cure, but he is also back to human.

Clive and Liv found the killer, they are one of Cassidy’s friend. Ravi found the secret about Major’s secret.

Clive and Liv found that Cassidy’s friend kill her, they found all evidence to get her. Liv decides to see Drake but his mother tells her that Boss might kill him.

Liv found out that Drake is undercover cop, while Ravi confronts Major about what he did. He try to explain to him but he won’t listen, Ravi knocks him down.