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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 19

The Seventh Child

The child with bomb in his body is in the toilet, he decides not do to it. He and his twin run off from their handle. But of them Karim is hit by car and explode.

NCIS found that event and check about them, then they found that kids are son of one of Agent of Isalie. But when they check with them those boys are not their son.

Sam and Callen notices about boy, they following him up. they think he is on the roof. They found him try to put bomb underwater. Callen goes down to talks to him, he found that he holding the trigger.

Callen try to talks him down, but he won’t listen. They found the doctor that sell child in black market. They think while his parent try to make children, their doctor might try to create them too.

His parent try to proves to him that he is their son, he believes after he see their son. He wants them to help him now.

While they are remove his bomb, he tells them about the man takes him here. He tells them about stadium. They found their place, Sam leads the SWAT to get in there.

They get all of them and found the children with bomb, Callen and bomb squad found the way to remove his bomb.

Sam convinces all children from suicide.