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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9

Left Behind

After Chronos chases Rip and other out of the ship, they try to escape to jump ship but Chronos override his ship and take control. Rip and Snart try to get it back, Stein and Jax merged to firestorm and go to help.

But they found that Chronos kidnapped Snart out, Rip and other try to following him back.

Ray, Sarah and Kendra think that they have to escape from Salvage, they hijack the car and escape. Ray try to build time beacon to contact Rip. But Sarah thinks they are wasting time, she left them.

Ray and Kendra start to live together, one day Ray show Kendra that he finish time beacon again. This time it’s work, the ship is nearby.

After that 2 years, Rip and ship shows up. They are wonder by Chronos takes Snart, Ray forgets his suit back. But see Kendra seems doesn’t care.

Sara goes to league of assassin to help her control her self, Snart found out that Chronos is Mick. He tells him that Time master rescue him and reborn as Chronos.

Kendra thinks that Sara might be with league of assassin, they go back to get Sara back. Mick notices that Rip and them are at Nanda prabat.

Rip try to convince Sara back, but he arrest him instead. Ray and other following him inside and get arrested.

Rip goes challenge Ra’s al Ghul to fight for trial, but he lets Sara fight instead. They ask Kendra to fight her instead. She convinces Sara to stop. then Chronos shows up. They convince Ra’s al Ghul to release them, they fight with Chronos.

They knock down him, before they are going to kill him. Snart shows up to stop them, they found that Chronos is Mick. They locked him down, they plan to undo him.