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NCIS Season 13 Episode 19

Reasonable Doubts

Polices gets called from his wife that woman shot her husband, they get in and found her. She said that that woman killed her husband.

Gibss goes to check their husband’s body, they found 2 women blame each other. They question 2 woman, his wife tells them that she knows about cheat. While his affair tells them that he is going to tell her about them.

Both of them tell them that they have struggle on gun, and they call police for that. They found that gun are belong to his affair.

After they talks to victim’s friend, he tells them that he win lottery. They found that his wife starts to shopping a lot, his affairs also get money for doctor treatment.

Gibbs tells them to take polygraph, but they can’t get any of them. Gibbs then found that they are try to cover that victim’s suicide. They want to get his insurance, so they try to cover it.