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Grimm Season 5 Episode 14


At night Nick go to hide his magic stick at his basement,  next few days while a man is driving back home. He lost control and crash his car, he wants to get home before sunset. After that truck driver found him lie down on the road next day.

Nick goes though the door in his basement, it leads down to deep hole. While Adalind get call from Sean about Diana, he wants to see her in person.

Nick and Hank go to check this man, Doyle.  He tells them that he is attacked by man with dog. They takes him back to his car, and they drive him to his mother.

Sean tells Adalind that Meisner has Diana, she upset and accidentally shows him that she has power back. She tells him not to tell Nick.

Nick and Hank take Monrole and Rosalee to track down the Doyle’s step, they found that he is off the road. and they found bodies in the wood. Monrole found out that it’s a werewolves.

They think Doyle is going to attack again in next full moon, they are going to bring him in for question. If they are sure about him, they will sedate him.

But when they try to get him in, he running out but they knock him down and lock him in station.

After Eve discovered about Rachel and Sean, she goes to see Nick and Hank about it. They are wondered that he knew.

Then they found that Doyle is bailed out, they found him and locked him up. They figure out that he is not werewolves, but his mother is.

They all rush back to his mother, but they are too late. His mother get out the locked, they found she is in the wood.

They are following her to stop her from killing, Doyle escapes to warn his mother. She try to attack Wu, but Doyle shows up and help him. But when he try to clam her down, she starts to attack again. They have no choice but kill her, at night Wu found that he is attacked by her.