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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 3 Episode 13

Parting Shot

Bobby and Hunter escape from the plane, they send shield convoy’s position. But after that they are captured by Russians at Russians military facility.

They found that they are captured inhuman, then they are spots by Russians soldiers. They knock them out, they found that Russian minister is there.

Hunter and May sneak in Russian facility, they found someone already there. Skye, Mac try to figure out what is there.

They found that Malick and minister are there, after eardrop on them they found that one of general is also inhuman. They found Malick is planning something.

They found that general may has the psychic’s power, they think they are going to assassinate prime minister┬áthere.

Coulson tells them to protect him, they try to get him out. But General inhuman shows up and use his power to knock down them, Bobby found that it goes after Prime minister and Hunter.

She decides to kill the general and destroy his power, both of them are arrest. USA’s President and Coulson tells Russian president that Hunter and Bobbi try to help him. Coulson goes in to give them way out, but they decided not to do.

Coulson backs to tell them that both of them are out, he tells them they can’t be agents anymore. At night all team goes to say good bye to them.