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Gotham Season 2 Episode 16


After a while Gordon is in prison as prisoners, he managed to keep out of trouble. But then warden shows up and send him to part of prison that he sent them to prison. He found a lot of activity inside, he thinks warden is involved. He tells his men that he wants him dead.

Bullock try to find way to help Gordon, he goes to visit him. He tells him that Lee lost their baby. Gordon is shock, after that he is beaten by one of inmate, Weaver. He worked for warden.

He met one of inmate, Puck. He try to help him, but both of them are sent to infirmary. He tells him that he used to help her sisters, he tells him to stay out of him.

One of guard warn Gordon that Weaver is back, he gets his men to beaten up Puck at front of him. That guard tells him that he must be ready for movie night.

Bullock goes to see Falcone. and ask him for help Gordon. At movie night, Gordon is stabbed to dead but not by Weaver.

That guard sent his body out of prisoner, he found Bullock there. He convinces him to escape, but before that he goes to get Puck out.

After he meet Falcone, he decides to back to Gotham to clean his name. Puck can’t bare the suffer and dead.