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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 9

A Priest Walks Into A Bar

At night Priest Frank shows up to see Lucifer for help, he tells him about Connor. His youth center is used for front of drug, he wants him to stop him from involved to Arietta. He doesn’t want.

Lucifer tells Chloe about this father, they go to youth center to see Arietta. They found body of him there.

After that Lucifer and Chloe go to talk with Father Frank, he tells them that he left and didn’t kill him. While they taking him out to station, there is shooter shows up and try to kill him. But they are safe, they found that Father Frank is clean.

He tells them about the spider, another dealer the rival of Arietta. After that they takes him to Lucifer’s club for protection. He tells them about car accident of his daughter and Connor’s parent.

Chloe found out about the spider, they go to check the place. They found that she and Cornor are there. They escapes after notices them, Chloe found that Corner is the one who drive the car for shooter.

At night they found that Father Frank get called from Corner and left, they rush to see him. They found Corner pointed gun to Father Frank, they found that his counselor is the spider. He try to convinces him to shoot him.

But he won’t, his counselor try to shoot Corner but Father Frank block him. Chloe shots counselor down, Father Frank dead in Lucifer’s arm.