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Arrow Season 4 Episode 17

Beacon of Hope

Bees’s queen hack into her record and make herself release, Malcom tells him about HIVE and his plan. They move on without him.

At night, bee’s queen shows up at Felcity’s meeting. She wants to have chip that plant on her otherwise she will killed all of them.

Oliver and them found out about her, they rush to there. Curtis goes out to find Olivier’s lair for Felicity. He found their identity and pass out. After wake up he tells them he wants to help. While they are going in to help them.

Felicity and Thea try to escape, but some bee found them and chase after. Curtis hacks them and almost get them escape. But bee’s queen are hack back and knocks down Oliver with Bee’s sting.

Curtis found that Laureli can help him by her sonic voice, Felicity gets all board member to secret room. But bee’s queen found them. Felicity tells her where is the blueprint.

But bee’s queen found out that Felicity is the one who sent her to prison. while she is attacking her Arrow shows up to help her. But her bee knock them out, Curtis success to hack on them and stop her.

She is sent to hospital with coma, Thea try to convince Felicity to back but she tells her she will improve her company instead.

Malcom goes to see Andy, Darhk tells him that he is his hope.