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Limitless Season 1 Episode 19

A Dog’s Breakfast

After Brian back, they keep following him for suspicious contact but so far they don’t found anything.

Next day they take him to see the victim, Roper. He is killed by black market people, look like he didn’t pay for transplant. After talks with his wife, she tells them about company biosoma.

Brian is taken to see Sands, seem one of FBI’s men assign to him works for Morra. He gives him the antidote.

Brian all days is following by FBI and Morra, one day she gets message from Piper. After check files from biosoma, he thinks one of employee might be company’s mole.

Naz shows up tell them about DNA found at crime scene, they found he is Kumar. They found that he is kidney’s donor. They found that Roper get real kidney because company’s is not ready yet. They want Roper continue fund, so they get him black market.

Brian tells them about plan, he will plan to lure the underground doctor out. Brian has to meet with Piper. He plans to ditch Morra’s men, but he found that someone tailing him.

After back to  his apartment, he found that Morra’s man is missing. But he found that Piper was there, she also missing.

Next day Brian tells Naz about what happen to Mr.X, Boyle asks Rebecca about her secret. He try to ask her what happen, she tells him what she thinks.

FBI found the underground doctor, from his emails they found that Roper wants to divorces with his wife, then Brian found that his wife feed his kidney to her dog.

At night Brian goes to see Morra, he tells him everything about Piper. He is surprised, he tells him that Sands gone rouge and doesn’t work for him anymore.

Next day, Rebecca shows up to Brian. She saws him with Morra last night.