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Arrow Season 4 Episode 16

Broken Hearts

Cupid kidnapped a couple and kill both of them when they tell her that they love each other, Laureli is at the court with case of Darhk. But jury is going to release him until she has more evidence.

Felicity is going to move out but she stills want to work with arrow team, they both are broken hearts.

At night they don’t see much the HIVE’s activity, Laureli tells them that they need more evidence to hold him. Then Lances tells them about cupid, seem she is out from Argus prison as Task force-X.

As court, they are going to loose him. Felicity tells them about whereabouts cupid. She just kidnapped another couple, Arrow shows up to help them.

Oliver found her and fight with her, he captured her but she managed to escape. They all upsets to him.

Lances try to convince Laureli to put him on stand, but she doesn’t want him to because as he worked with Darhk. He will also captured.

Felicty found where is cupid, they go to that warehouse to looking for her. But they don’t find her, they found how they can lure her out.

Oliver asks Felicty to married him to lure her, she is upset but they convinces her. Next day Lance is on stand to testify him.

Oliver and Felicity are at wedding, they try to get married and lure cupid out. Oliver try to win her back, but before finish. Cupid shows up and shoot at Oliver, she tells them she is going to destroy entire building.

They try to convinces her to stop, while she is hesistant. John and They shows up and help them stop her.

At court judge decides to not allow Darhk to bail, because of Lances’s testify. After that he is suspended from police.