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iZombie Season 2 Episode 15

He Blinded Me… with Science

Liv tells Ravi about Gilda and what’s happen to her, after that they are investigate about victim from fired, Elenor.

They go to see Annie about victim, he is the victim of the victim’s company. then Blaine shows up. Ravi found that he is back to zombie. He tells him about what happen to rat.

Liv and Clive found nothing from her, Max found out that he sleeps with his daughter, Gilda or Rita. After he found that Liz punch her, he is upset.

At night Liz and Drake goes to his club, she wants to see how is he outside. Next day Clive and Liv go to see Alan, one of the researcher but he is not research any more. He tells them that Elenor suppose to test drug before it happen to victim.

They found that Elenor worked with Max, they go to asks him about it. He doesn’t know that one of his scientist is her. They think that they hide something, Liv disguise to interview in Max’s research.

But she is catch by them, Max talks with her. she try to ask about his secret basement but he won’t tell her. He lets her goes.

Clive found out that Annie’s sister and her might killed Elenor, he and Liv go to see her. Her sister confess that she did set Elenor on fire.

Liv tells Ravi about what she saw, she thinks Max might has zombie in his basement. Ravi gives his new cure to Blaine.

Liv found out Drake is worked for Boss, she tells Ravi that she will confronts him. While Max and Rita are checking more progress about product, their zombie is loose.

He abandons Rita with zombie, after that she shows up but he locked her out. She is very upset and leave.