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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 16

The Marge-ian Chronicles

Homer found that Flander feed his chicken and he has fresh eggs, at night he decides to steal his eggs.

Homer try to steals his eggs next time but he is made, he decides to raise their chicken. But he found that it’s taste better that if he steal.

Next day they take their chicken to the research lab, they are working on sending man to Mars.

Lisa tells her parent that she volunteered to go to Mars when she is 18. Homer convinces Marge to let her try.

Marge feels that Homer’s plan doesn’t work, he comes with the plan to support her. Next day they go to with Lisa in training.

Lisa starts to upset for her family is there, she knows that they try to make her quit. After stay training for a while, only Lisa and Marge pass the training.

At research press, they decide to move up the scheduler to few week. Homer and Bart try to stop them but he think they might be want to cancel.

But they decides too late, they are on rocket and going to launch. They want to abort but they can’t, after that they found all operation is fake.