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Gotham Season 2 Episode 15

Mad Grey Dawn

At museum, Ngyma goes to steal the painting. after police shows up they found ? at there.

Barnes tells Gordon about Internal affair is opening the investigation about Theo. Some one claims that he killed him.

Gordon and Bullock go to check the museum, Oswald shows up at Butch’s place. Tabitha wants him dead, but Butch wants to spare him.

They found that painting name “Mad Grey Dawn” is only taken, while other paints are destroyed. Gordon thinks that the thief try to send the message, he thinks will be bombing at the station.

Gordon goes there and found the bomb, but they help people out safety. Cat tells Bruce about her plan, she is going to rob the criminals.

She already make Ivy slip of some sleep poison to them, he and her goes out to get their money. But they are captured by Sonny. But they managed to knock them down.

Oswald found his father shows up at his mother’s grave, he shows him his house. He is rich. He tells him that now he has family and home.

Gordon found one of officer is killed, Barnes also shows up. He thinks that he killed him, Barnes tells him that officer wants to talks to him about him. He takes him to station.

After that Gordon is sent to prison, Lee is heart break. He tells her to move on, while Barbara also wakes up after she heard news about him.