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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 16


Cat has interview in shows, they ask her about supergirl. Kara found that Winn and Siobhan are together. After that she found that Lucy quit.

Crane shows up at DEO, she promises them the budget. Then she goes up to help fireman from injured, at there is red cryptonite.

Next day Kara has a bit strange behavior, at DEO while Hank is brief about missing Kara seem distract.

At night one of alien try to rob the truck, Kara shows up and stop him. But she release him. At DEO Alex and Hank found that she is a bit off.

Siobhan tells Cat that she has evidence that supergirl let the alien out, but Cat is not interested.

Kara found that Siobhan try to send the story to Daily planet, she make her get fired. At night Winn, Kara and Jummy are at club. Jimmy found that Kara is bit off.

Cat tells Jimmy that she wants to see supergirl, she goes to see her. Cat asks her about alien she let go. But she upsets her and Kara throw her off the building, after catch her. She tells her not to call her again.

Jimmy and Winn found that Kara is changed, they go to see DEO. They found there is kryptonite, then Max shows up and tell them that it’s his. He tells them that he created it for Non, but he accidentally create red cryptonite. He may can make antidote.

Cat tells Winn and Jimmy that she is going to public about supergirl. She warns the public about supergirl dangerous.

Alex shows up to Kara, she try to convinces her. But she failed, Kara goes off. Crane shows up and tell DEO to take down Kara.

They encounter Kara at night, while she is going to kill Alex. Hank changed to Martian and fight with her. he knocks her down, Alex has time to put antidote to her. Hank is arrested.

Kara wakes up and feel very sorry, Hank is captured by Crane. She tells her that she doesn’t believe him anymore.

At night supergirl goes to see Cat to apologize her.