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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 13

A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen

Nobu tells his men they need to get rid Daredevil, he asks them to hit all their targets. Sticks tells Matt that black sky must be died with all cost.

Matt try to convinces Elektra to not give up, they plan to extract Nobu out from the organization. He wants to destroy his organization, she agreed.

Foggy get interviews from the law firm, they wants him to work with him as partner. He is famous after Frank’s trial.

Matt and Elektra go to see Melvin, he gives them new armor and weapon.  After that Foggy tells Matt about Brett, he get beaten. He tells him that someone looking for Daredevil.

He tells Mat about someone threaten him and his family, he tells them that they want to after everyone he saved.

At night Karen and them are captured in the bus, Matt found that Karen is captured. Matt try to looking for them, but he can’t find them.

They knows that they are bait, he needs to get them out. After focus, he found them. She tells him this is a trap, he tells her he has no choice.

He gets in and rescue them out, he is surrounded by them. Elektra shows up and help him. They try to escape to the roof, while they are after them.

Police are coming and found all hostages, Karen tells Brett about Daredevil trap. While Matt and Elektra are trapped, Matt tells her that after they escape he will go with her every where.

Nobu shows up to fight them, but while Nobu is going to kill Matt. Elektra block him and get killed instead. Nobu upsets and leaving, he asks his men to finis him. Frank shows up and help him, Matt throws Nobu down.

But after that he stand up again, Sticks shows up and killed him again.