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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 10

This World Inverted

Meliorn tells them about how to find her father, he tells them about another dimension. He tells them only Clary can go throw alone, he warns her that she can be consumed by another her in other world.

Simon goes to see Luke to get help from him to control himself, Clary enter the dimension and she found that Valentine and her mother live together.

She also see Alex, Isabelle, Magnus, Luke and Jace there. She try to get information about portal from Magnus. She try to convince him to help, he tells her that his magic is blocked.

He uses her crystal to find about where is portal, he think it’s at the Institute’s underground. she has the party at there.

Luke and Simon stage to help Fisk out, it makes him believe that he is not killer. Fisk is convinces.

Magnus and Clare try to find portal, but demon shows up and attack them. They kill it but Jace is attacked, Magnus found the portal. They go through it. They found Valentines’ place.

Clary and Jace found his father locked up.