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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 12

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

In past Elecktra is trained by Sticks since she was young, after meet Elektra and Stick are fighting. Before she killed him, Matt try to stop her.

Then ninjas shows up and attack them, after light out they found that Stick is captured by them. MattĀ asks Elektra to help him get Stick, but she tells him she wants to kill him and if he blocked her she will killed him too.

Matt found out about hidden sewer lead to ninja’s hideout, Karen tells her boss that Frank is not psycho killer. They plan to make profile of him.

Matt is ambush from ninjas again, but he managed to knock them down before escape. He following one of them.

Karen goes to see Frank’s CO, she asks him about Frank. But there she notices one of the attacker of Frank’s last night are one of his CO’s men. He hostages her.

Matt found ninja’s lair, he is beaten by them. He then heard Stick’s voice, he teach him how to track and knock them down.

Colonel’s hostage Karen to drive out, but on the way. They are hit by Frank, he is unconscious.

Matt shows up and help Sticks on time before he get more tortured. But Elektra shows up and try to kill him. But then Nobu and ninjas show up.

He tells them that Elektra is black sky, she is taken since she was child. She starts to convince, Matt try to stop herĀ and finally he convinces her.

She and him help Sticks out, Karen wakes up and found Colonel’s gone. Frank is following him, he confesses everything. She tells Frank he doesn’t need to kill.

Nobu shows up try to stop Matt, he knocks him down.