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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 9

Rise Up

Simon is freaks out and escape, Jace try to get help from institute. Isabelle tells them that they are attacked. Jace needs to head back, but Clary wants to find Simon. He tells her to use werewolf.

Lydia thinks the Seelie and Meliorn are working with Valentine, she arrested Meliorn. Alec tells Jace that his parents used to be with Circle, and as they are rise up. He suspicious them.

Lydia and Alex tell them about marriage, they upset. Clary found Simon at his house, she convinces him to get help. She tells him that she did this to him.

Lydia found that Clary has the cup, Alec and her wants Clary to hand them the cup. Jace warns her about them, Clary decides to hide at Raphael.

Jace and Isabelle go to see Magnus to get his help and get to safe, he agreed to help stolen Alec key. Jace gets the cup out, Alec tells Magnus that he is going marry Lydia.

Lydia is going to send Meliorn to silent brothers to get the truth from him, Clary found it from Jace about Meliorn. They plan to help they convince Raphael to join them.

But they found they Alec come with Meliorn, but they still keep execute their plan. Alec takes Meliorn to there, Clary and Jace show up and stop him.

Jace try to convince Alec to fight Valentine with him, but he won’t. Clary and Jace takes Meliorn to safe place.

In exchange he tells them he can help them find her father.