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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 11


Claire and people in hospital found the ninjas in hospital, before one of them is going to killed her, Matt shows up and stop him. These Ninjas come to get all victims from Yakusa out. He try to chase them out after rescue Claire, but he lost them.

Karen gives the statement to Brett about what happen at her room, after she meet Matt. She tells him that Frank didn’t do it, she tell him to stay out of her.

After police escorts her to her room, Karen sneaks out to see Frank at parking. At hospital, Claire found out about ninja’s dead body. But administration doesn’t care.

At night Matt goes to see Tower asks him about Frank’s info. He tells him about Reyes looked in blacksmith

Matt following one of Yakusa to the warehouse, he knock their workers down. Then he found Gao in hidden basement. He asks her about blacksmith, she tells him something.

Frank goes to see the man who he thinks it’s blacksmith, while he is going to kill him. Matt shows up to stop him, then gang men shows up. He knocks him down and fight them alone.

At night Matt found Stick’s man, he tells him before died that Elektra is going to kill Stick.

At night Elektra shows up at Stick’s place.