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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 19


Brian just get the accident during the way out, he is taken to check at hospital. He met Morris the lawyer, he wants him to hire him as lawyer. He meets Olivia, she is going to has heart transparent.

But Toby found one the patient, he thinks he has virus. They are waiting for result, after talk they found that his blood compartment is compromise.

They found that blood supply is tainted with virus, then the hospital get email to claim the responsible for this.

They found that Olivia’s surgery is stopped, they are going to find the blood for her. They go to check the blood supply for problem. But Toby and Happy found no break in.

Sylvester and Cabe found the place where the threat message come. While Paige and Walter go to check distribution center, he found the bug software to scram the label.

Sylvester found about Todd, he is the one who sent threat. They found that he has motive, but they need to find the prove. They to find the way to reverse the bug but failed, they found he is going to public his vaccine. They go there to check.

From press, Walter and them found the way to reverse the bug, but blood for Olivia is on the way to researcher for test. They are going to get it from truck.

Walter success get the blood from truck success and help her.Her surgery went well, she safe.