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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 10

The Man in the Box

Brett and police shows up at yakusa’s lair, he found the victim. He met Matt outside, he didn’t tells him about Nobu.

Polices send all victim to Claire, Matt goes to see her about them. He tells her about Nobu, then they found that Frank is out.

Next day Rayes ask Matt, Foggy and Karen to meet about Frank. When they found that Frank s transfer to Fisk block in prison, he thinks Fisk managed it.

They tells Rayes that if she wants help, they need to know everything. Rayes tells them that she is caused of Frank’s family death. DA tells them about new player, the blacksmith. They use the undercop there,, they try to get blacksmith there but instead all gang kill each other and Frank’s family death.

She tells them about her daughter’s threaten. While talking Rayes’s office is attacked, she is killed. Matt tells Foggy he has to find him.

Matt goes to see Fisk in prison, he asks him about Frank’s escape. But he doesn’t tell him anything. Matt threatens him about Venessa, Fisk upsets and threaten him and Foggy.

Karen thinks that Frank will goes after ME that false the report, she is heading there. But they are too late, he is dead. They try to prevent another killed, she and polices go back to get the list at her room. Elektra found that Jacques knows her identity, he tells her that he is going to kill her.

Karen found Frank at her apartment, he tells her that he didn’t do it. Then someone shoot at them, he safe her. Now she believes him.

At night Matt notices that ninja are going to attack hospital, Claire found all victims wake up and kill on of the man.