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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 13

Labor of Love

Hook is wake up, he try to get out. But one his cellmate tell him do not, she tell him about what keep them there. He try to get her out too, they they are chase by beast. He tells her to find Emma to come help him.

While Snow and Charming look for Hook, she spot the grave of Hercules. He was demi-god, she thinks if she help him out he will help them back.

Emma and Regina found the woman who escape from prison, she tells them that she know Hook. She tells them about cerberus that guard the entrance, she can show them where the cave the she escape.

Snow shows up and tell them how to defeat it, she goes to see Hercules. She tells him about cerberus, she convinces him to fight it.

Henry and Robin go to her office, Henry found Cruella there. She asks him about Regina. Hercules meet Cerberus there, but he sacred and run off.

Hades shows up, he tells them that Hercules is killed by Cerberus. He tells them to back off. Cruella tells him about his quill, she wants him to find it and help her back to world. Then Regina will not be murderer.

Snow backs to convince Hercules to fight with Cerberus again, while it tracks down escape woman and try to get her. They escape from it.

Snow and Hercules show up to stop it, Snow asks that woman to fight with them. They attack its head at same times, they success.

After that Hercules and Me has their business done and get out of hell. Hades is upset about them, he tells Hook that he want to make them stay.