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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 9

Seven Minutes in Heaven

After Fisk gets in the prison, he managed to control the prison with his attorney’s help. He┬ámanaged to get few inmates with him, one of them tell him about Frank. After that he managed to meet with Frank.

When Matt wakes up he found that he is cured, he tells Elektra that he knows that she enjoy killing. He tells her that they can’t be together anymore.

Fisk tells Frank that the one kill his family is one of the gang in prison, but he notices that he try to used him. But Fisk convinces him to help him, he’s agree. He will be able to get to Dutton.

Matt tells Foggy that they should separate for their sake, he tells him to tell Karen this too. At office Karen shows Foggy about cover up, he tells her to gives up.

Matt goes out to see Yakusa’s accountant, he asks him about Roxxon. He tells him that if he tell him anything they will kill his son. He tells him about the farm, he will goes to get him out.

Frank goes to section where Dutton is, he tells him that he wants to talk to him. He asks him about what happen that day, he tells him about the blacksmith. After that Frank kill him.

But he found that he is betrayed by Fisk, they lock him with Dutton’s men. He managed to kill all of them. But he is knocked by guard.

Matt goes to see yakusa’s boss, he tells him about the rising. Brett decides to hire Karen to work for him. She is happy.

Fisk goes to see Frank, he wants to recruit him. But he won’t, they have fight. Fisk tells his guards to release him. he wants him out and weaken his rival.