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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 12

Souls of the Departed

Emma wakes up in her car, she found Neal there. He warns her about her mission here might not end well.

She wakes up again on the boat, they just arrived at the hell. After they pass the fog, they found that they are in storybrooke, but broken storybrooke. Gold tells them that people there is here because they have unfinished business.

Regina’s mother also there, one of them tell her that Regina is there. Snow goes to ask around about Hook, James shows up to her.

Regina goes to see her mother, she tells her that she should leave this is dangerous. She wants her to leave, she shows her the place it’s worst.

Gold meets peter pan in his shop, he tells him there is a way to go back by trade with living.

Gold shows up and tells them about how to find Hook, he said they should quick before the boat leave. After decides they go to find Hook’s grave to ask him where is him.

But they failed, Emma tells Regina to get out with Henry. But her father tells Regina that he wants her to stay and help Emma.

Regina try to stop her mother from send her father down to hell, she left. But her father is not fell down. He found the way to heaven, he tells her that he now has no business here. He is happy and proud with her.

They decide to stay here to help unfinished business people, Regina’s mother goes to see … She asks him about reward, but he punished her instead.