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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 8

Guilty as Sin

Matt and Elektra are attacked by ninja, while he try to stop her from kill him. Elektra is injured by them, before they killed Matt but Stick shows up and kill the rest of them.

After that they are following but they escape, Stick and Matt try to rescue her. He tells them that their sword is poisoned. But she is safe.

He found that Stick knows Elektra, next day Foggy tells Karen that Matt will not come today. At trial, Frank’s CO is here to help. He tells them that Frank is hero.

Stick tells Matt about war about immortality, the ancient gang fight to get it. He tell him they name the hand, black sky. He tells him about the hand’s enemy the chaste.

Matt knows that Stick is the Chaste, finally he tells him that Elektra works for him. At trial, Foggy try to point the trial about Frank’s injured, seem he did goo. Foggy tells Karen that they need Matt to question Frank.

Karen goes to see Matt and she found him with Elektra, she is upset. She tells him that they need him. At trial, Matt almost convinces jury that Frank is good man.

Frank then speaks to trial that he knows what he did and he won’t stop. After that Foggy and Karen are upset.

Elektra decides to stay with Matt, she chases out Stick out. After Matt back to his room, ninja ambush him and shot him down. Matt managed to knock him down. Then Elektra kill him, she found that Matt is bad injured.

Prison’s guard take Frank to the place and uncuff him, they send him to see Fisk.