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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 18

If It Bleeds, It Leads

At night party’s driver hit the man on the road, next day NCIS goes to check about victim, Evan. They found he has some strange rash.

They found that victim might be push on the road and get hit, Brody and Sebestian think it’s related to Brody’s sister.

Brody tells King and them about her hypothesis, they agreed to goes to check about her case too.

They goes to check with victim’s friend, she is very sorry. Brody found Nolan at the publisher, he is surprise about Evan.

Chris found that Zorn is threaten by Evan, they think Zorn might has reason to kill Evan. Brody knows that Zorn and her sister has nothing to do.

Now they are looking for Zorn, while Nolan shows up to see Brody. He wants her to stop looking for answer, after he tells her that he moved on she is upset.

Chris and Sonja go to check Evan’s house, but they found his house is trash by Zorn. They found Evan’s computer.

But King found that Zorn is killed in accident too, then they found the place after check there they found Edward there. Brody tells them he is the one who kill her sister. They found that Lamp sent Brody her sister’s photos.

After question him, he tells them that he didn’t kill Brody’s sister. Someone put him there in seat. He try to find out who is the killer, he sent Brody the photos. He hacks in Zorn and Evan’s computer to find the prove.

Sebastian and Loetta found that the victim are drugged and killed them, Patton tells them that someone spy on Evan’s computer.

They go to see Evan’s girlfriend, she secretly tell them about what they talk about. She tells them that Nolan is behind this.

Chris and Sonja go to check Martin, they think he might be a killer. He try to run out, but he is arrested. They question him about Nolan.

At night King and Brody go to see Nolan, they arrest him about murder. They knows that his father try to steal information, he killed them to cover his track. He decides to jump down the roof, but they convinces him to face his action.