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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 7

Semper Fidelis

Frank is going to trail today, few people supports him while the other are not. Matt and them try to find the way to help Frank.

Karen goes to see Frank, all guards there are not happy with her. After she tells her about their plan to get him on PTST, he is pissed.

She convinces him to agreed so they can help him, Matt¬†gets call Elektra for their mission. At night they go to see one Yakusa’s contact.¬†They asks him to cipher the code in Yakusa’s ledger.

They found there is shipment tonight, they go to check at container. They found dirt inside, they spot Yakusa coming to them. Elektra injured.

Foggy and Karen found that ME who autopsy Frank’s family can help them. They hope that Matt’s opening will help them.

In trial day, Matt is late. After Reyes gives her opening, Foggy has no choice but did by himself. Apparently he did well, Matt shows up and tell them he will help them crack the ME.

Elektra tells Matt about what she found, they think they are going to check some site in town. But he tells her that he has to be on trial tomorrow.

Next day at trial, ME wants to tell the judge something. He tells them that he alter the autopsy report. He tells them that someone threaten him to tells truth, Judge decides to cross ME from witness.

Matt tells Foggy about Elektra, he is upset with Matt. At night he goes to confront Elektra about it and ask her to stay out his life.

They go to check the warehouse, they found what Yakusa hidden. They dig a big hole.