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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 18

Exchange Rate

A man Pena is captured by Marshal, Brett but he injects him with something and knock him down and escape with his gun.

NCIS checks about case of Brett and Pena, they found about exchange he is going to do. they are looking for him.

Callend Sam go to see Brett there, they think that that someone setup for Pena. They found about company that clean up their safehouse.

Deek and Kensi found that Pena might be spy, Nell found about Anna she is hired by clean up company and she visited Pena before he is missing.

Eric found that Anna picks up Pena after he escapes, they think may be Pena switch side and he may not spy.

Callen and Sam goes to ask Arkady about Anna, he tells them he has no idea. After that Eric notices Anna, they found her car with trace of some blood.

After that they found that Pena has suspicious information, they question the lawyer. She tells them that they tell her to find way to Pena in prison.

Eric found that Arkady goes to see Anna, they tracking her and found her injured. She tells them about meeting with Pena.

Anna tells Callen to go with her in meeting, they agreed to be with her to see him. At meeting Callen disguise as russian. But he is made, he kidnapped Anna and escape. They think Pena is Russian not Cuba.

Hetty shows up, they found that Anna is working for her. After that they goes to see Arkady, he tells them about Pena. His name is Roman, he tells them that he is engineer and try to steal the US technology.

They fund that he was arrested when try to break and enter, they thinks he will try to finish what he left. They found Anna and Pena try to get info out from house owner, Callen and Sam shows up and arrest him.