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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 6

Regrets Only

At night Yakusa’sĀ gang break in Elektra’s place, Eletra and Matt fight with them and knock all of them down.

She tells him that she has plans for Yakusa, she wants to work with him to get Yakusa prove. After she can take down them, she will leave him. He agreed to work with her.

Matt found that they are going to execute Frank, they found that his offender try to get him execute. Matt decides to help Frank, but Foggy against it to represent him.

They go to hospital to convince him to let his firm represent him, they try to convince him to let them represent him. Frank agreed with them, Reyes found out and very upset.

But Elektra sent driver to pick up Matt, he left the case to Foggy and Karen and get out. Elektra tells him about the party to let them sneaks in Yakusa’s building and get out ledgers.

Frank wants to talk to Karen alone, he asks her about his family. He tells him about what Rayes try to public, she asks him what happen. He tells her about criminal who might kill his family.

At party, they found that Roxxon updated the security. It’s hard to get to their plan, Matt managed to get it on plan. But after sneak in they found the secret ledger behind the fake wall. But Yakusa notices about them and coming to them.

After meet with DA, Frank decides not to pledge guilty. Judge and Reyes are very upset. After Matt comes back he found out about Frank case from Foggy, he is very upset.

The trail starts next week.